Calisthenics can be divided into two words, kalos and sthenos, which means “beautiful strength”.
This beautiful strength is focused on training with your own bodyweight. Elements such as pull ups and push ups are very well known in calisthenics trainingen. You may want to go more then that and can think about hanging like a flag, muscle up (explosive pull up and then rise above the bar) the planche (kind of high plank without feet on the ground) and handstand variations.
Because training with your own bodyweight remains challenging, you can set new goals after achieving them. This form of training is also very good for building muscle mass towards an athletic body, but it is also very good for losing weight.
For calisthenics you don’t need much equipment. It is nice to train your back with a pull up bar or rings and other muscle groups can be trained very well without equipment.
There are calisthenics parks all over the world. If you want to know if there is one nearby, click here.

Another important aspect of calisthenics is “how do I start”? Calisthenics can be started at any level, from no experience with the sport to a lot of experience with strength training. Click on the button below to get started!



Calisthenics is all about body control. Show ‘beautiful strength’ with controlled movement. You can adjust every training to your preferences and every muscle group can be trained with calisthenics. From the start you’ll notice that progression will be your biggest motivation!