After completing my 4 years sports education and working as a sport instructor in the army, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube of a guy doing back clapping push-ups, and something clicked for me. I decided to get into calisthenics and began with the basics, quickly mastering pull-ups, push-ups, and dips since I already had a fitness degree and training experience.

However, I soon became fascinated by the gravity-defying skills that advanced calisthenics athletes were doing and had a burning desire to master them. I started training for handstands, human flags, and planche, but I wasn’t making any progress no matter how hard I trained. I was becoming really frustrated until I found an advanced calisthenics athlete doing planches and muscle-ups at the park like it was nothing and asked him for guidance. He revealed to me all the different progressions of skills and small components that I was neglecting, such as scapula work and hip flexor activation. Applying what I learned through trial and error and hard work, I eventually mastered the correct approach to calisthenics skills.

Combined with my sportstudies, I developed “The Bodyweight Master Sequence” strategy.

In a short period of time, I was not only progressing towards these skills but also achieving them at mind-bending speeds. I went from not being able to do a single calisthenics skill all the way to doing muscle-ups, human flags, and handstands like it was nothing. I built an insane physique and had superhuman strength at the same time. I knew this was so powerful and had the potential to change someone’s life, so I made it my mission to help new calisthenics athletes achieve all their calisthenics goals and discover what their bodies are capable of.

I combined years of sports studies, 7+ years training the army and calisthenics lessons that I acquired during my journey (which took me almost a decade to acquire) to develop this strategy. I brought together the best of the two worlds, including perfect dieting, recovery optimization, sleep optimization, and perfect workout programs, to get the closest thing to ultimate progress.

That’s “The Bodyweight Master Sequence” strategy, which I secretly teach and apply with all my clients in my coaching program.

If you’re ambitious and want to master bodyweight training, this might be the opportunity of a lifetime that you’ve been waiting for…

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My passion and expertise is calisthenics and I want to drag you into it!

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