Having trouble structuring calisthenics workout programs that bring you results? I’ll give you a fully optimized workout program for your level that will have you building insane strength and muscle fast.

You’ll get 6+ months worth of bodyweight training with minimal equipment, no weights and at the comfort of your own home or park.

Are you dreaming of becoming a calisthenics beast?

Not only will you look strong, but you will also possess the strength of a superhuman. Mastering insane skills like the human flag, handstand, and muscle ups.

You may be thinking that’s too hard or even impossible but the reality is that,

No matter your current fitness level, you can train towards advanced skills by optimizing lever and working with the right progressions that perfectly suit your level.

However, with so much misinformation available online, it can be overwhelming and keep you from starting your journey correctly.

This is why most new calisthenics athletes give up within the first year of training, never discovering their true potential.

To solve this problem, I have spent years crafting the most efficient workout programs.

Programs that are designed to take an absolute beginner, who cannot even do a single pull-up, all the way to doing one-arm pull-ups and muscle-ups while conquering the most advanced calisthenics skills.

With these programs, you’ll have the cheat sheet to surpass any major roadblock like slow progress, wrong training technique, injury and flexibility

It’s the missing key of the puzzle that will get you to achieving your dream body and becoming a superhuman.

Each program includes:

  • The perfect warm up routine that kept me injury free throughout my calisthenics journey
  • Four different levels of workouts optimised for correct progressive overloading (half a year worth of training for a fraction of the price of a gym membership, plus the ability to train anywhere anytime you want)
  • My best stretching routines to help you optimise recovery, avoid injury and build up the flexibility and mobility required for more advanced moves like the handstand press and the V-sit
  • My weekly workout planner sheet to keep track of your progress and your workouts
  • And my mindset lessons to keep you motivated and consistent on your journey

100% Money back guarantee!

If you buy one of these programs and work consistently for 1+ months and you don’t get any results and see no progress then I’ll personally give all your money back no questions asked.

The reason I’m so generous is because I personally crafted these workouts to perfection and I’m 100% sure that every single person that gets these workout programs will completely transform their body, their mentality and achieve ultimate bodyweight control if they train with consistency!

The next steps:

If you’re ready to gain full control over your bodyweight, become flexible, achieve your dream physique and strengthen all aspects of your body,

Then read carefully the entry level requirements for each program and choose the one that suits you the best.

Beginner to Intermediate – Phase 1

Are you a complete beginner with minimal or no prior training experience at all? Then this is the right program for you!

In this program you’ll be getting your feet wet for the first time in the calisthenics world and you’ll be mastering foundational bodyweight exercises like push ups, squats and core exercises as well as achieving and mastering your first pull ups

Beginner to Intermediate

Phase 1

€ 34,99

Beginner to Intermediate – phase 2

Do you have some experience in calisthenics training and already can execute 15 push ups, 15 jump squats, 30 sec plank hold and 8 bodyweight chin ups with perfect form? Then this is the right program for you!

In this program you’ll be mastering all the basic calisthenics exercises like pull ups, dips, push ups and build all the strength foundation required to start working on your first calisthenics skills

Beginner to Intermediate

Phase 2

€ 34,99

Intermediate to Pro – phase 1

Have you mastered all the basics exercises in calisthenics and can already execute 15 dips, 10+ pull ups, 30 sec hollow body hold and 20 jumping lunges with perfect form?

Congratulations you have a solid strength foundation to start working towards your first calisthenics skills!

In this program you will be working towards the back-lever, muscle-up, handstand, pistol squats and dragon flags.

Intermediate to Pro

Phase 1

€ 34,99

Intermediate to Pro – phase 2

If you’re a bodyweight beast and can already execute 7 one-arm push ups, 8 explosive pull ups, 15 pike push ups, 15 sec tuck front-lever, 10 assisted pistol squats and 8 full dragon flag raises with perfect form,

Then this program is for you!

In this program you will be working towards the one-arm pull up, human flag and mastering the kneeling backbend and the L-sit.

Intermediate to Pro

Phase 2

€ 34,99

What if I choose the wrong program for my level?

Email me at info@hendrivermeer.com where I reply within 24 hours and I’m going to solve the issue by providing you with the correct workout program.

Still unsure if these program suit you and want fully personalized programs?

Perhaps you have trouble with certain movements or you’re more advanced and want to fully focus and master a specific skill such as the planche.

In this case I’ll personally guide you throughout your whole calisthenics journey and help you achieve your dream physique as fast as possible.

Find out how: