Customized training schedules that will skyrocket your level!

Calisthenics has many exercises where the next progression feels 10 times heavier and/or harder, and you may get stuck on a progression for a long time. You feel like you’re not getting stronger, but you’re putting in the effort. It feels like a plateau.

You want to train smarter, but don’t know how. YouTube, friends or your own feedback on your movements and workouts are not enough to break through that plateau.

That’s where I help you.

With my easy-to-use app, I create structure in your training program, and i will take care of the best devision of training and recovery and choose the right exercises that fit your level!
Next to that, I help you improve your sleep and nutrition so it fits perfectly with your workouts for even more progression.

Hendri Vermeer Coaching

As a coach I help you set and achieve your personal goals. Based on your goals I will create a training plan to achieve them as quickly and safely as possible and then we will work on it together. We will work together in my own app: the Fittest app. In this app you keep track of your progress and you can call in my help when needed. For example, you can ask me questions about your form, nutrition or training schedule 24/7.

After all this information, would you like to call about the coaching? In the call, I’ll be happy to explain how my coaching works and answer your coaching-related questions. Click on “BOOK A CALL” and schedule a call.


What other people say:

Hendri as your coach for optimal guidance:


  • Customized training schedules to achieve your goals.
  • 24/7 chat support for full support while working out: ask questions about training, nutrition and lifestyle related topics, for example.

  • With the app, you always have access to your program. In it, you will see how to do the exercise on video with text explanations, how many reps, how many sets and how much rest.
  • Video analysis of your training technique so you can get feedback on your form.

Why “online”

calisthenics “coaching”

Coaching: The difference for me, from a trainer or a coach is that I don’t just focus only on your workouts.

Together we’re going at how to get the most out of your workouts by looking at your lifestyle. Do you wake up tired in the morning? Do you need supplements? What can I do when I don’t have to motivation to working out? Elements we will look at it in the coaching program.

The coaching itself is mainly via chat conversations in the Fittest app, but (video) calls are also possible. If you want me to watch an exercise live, we can schedule that.

Online: train whenever and wherever you want for a better price.

Your program can simply be seen on your phone. With the videos and explanations, you can start training on your own. If you have doubts about your form, you record yourself during the exercise and send it to me. After the feedback, you can implement it into the next training, and you will notice that your form improves.

Because we don’t have to plan together when you will train with a trainer, you can schedule it easier into your agenda.

Also, it is more financially attractive to get online coaching than physical coaching. You still get my knowledge and guidance, but you can work out on your own with the app.

Calisthenics and equipment: don’t have any or not much equipment to train with? No problem! The program is customized and will be made with the gear you have. You already have so many options to train with your body and gravity.


Still have questions that you want answers about on the mail? fill in the asked information below and I will contact you as soon as possible.