Online Calisthenics Coach

I help you to progress with your calisthenics skills so that you continue to grow in muscle mass, lower your fat percentage and perform increasingly advanced exercises as you outdo yourself physically.


Have you been doing calisthenics for a while now? Have you started with YouTube videos or through friends, but you feel stuck in your skills?

For example, you have been training an exercise for weeks, but you keep failing to perform it perfectly. Your muscle mass is not growing any further and you also notice that your fat percentage is not going down.

But you know: you want to make progress.

You want to develop your skills to perform more advanced exercises. To become stronger physically and mentally. To challenge yourself more and more, and to surpass yourself.

This is exactly what I help you with.

With my online coaching I help you with proper exercise selection, optimise your nutrition and improving your sleep so you can start performing optimally with your calisthenics skills.

I am Hendri, your online calisthenics coach. I help you to achieve your calisthenics goals through intensive online coaching. I started with calisthenics in 2015: long before it was really known to the general public. I trained day in and day out to further develop my skills and that went well. As a result, I kept looking for more advanced exercises to do.

I developed so quickly that I wanted to dive further into the training side of calisthenics and exercise. I took several training courses to officially call myself a fitness coach, personal trainer and also specifically calisthenics trainer.

I also train the military on a daily basis. There I see again and again: every athlete has different personal goals, and every athlete has a different optimal way to achieve these goals.

As a coach, I help you set and achieve your personal goals. Based on your goals I will create a training plan to achieve your goals as soon as possible and then we will work on it together. We will work together in my own app: the Fittest app. In this app you can keep track of your progress and call in my help when needed. For example, you can ask me questions about your form, nutrition, sleep or training program.

Calisthenics dips

I have about 18 years of experience training in the gym and running. Before that I always did sports. The programs remain challenging because Hendri looks at what I can do and what he sees I lack. This keeps the programs motivating enough because calisthenics is a bit different than lifting dumbells. I notice that I use more concentration during the workouts and discipline to pay attention to all the small details that Hendri provides as tips. Because I send videos of my workouts, Hendri indicates where I need to work on by means of tips and corrections with drawn lines on the videos.


Frog stand

I was looking for a way to start with Calisthenics, but I got so much more! Hendri, can tell you a lot about posture and technique and motivate you! What I personally really like is that the app contains videos where Hendri explains the exercise. This reinforces the personal approach in online coaching. The exercises are structured that you work towards your goal(s) in small steps. In my case the handstand and human flag. I am very impressed about the content of the training/coaching. for those who read this…. success with your start, make it fly ;) now you know how.


front lever

Before I started Hendri’s program I had been doing calisthenics for a bit, but I found that I had reached a plateau that I didn’t know how to break through. Through Hendri’s coaching, I made quick and significant progress in both my handstand and muscle up. I am most impressed with the programs he completely customizes every six weeks based on my input and progress. As a result, I no longer have to think about it, it’s simply a matter of doing it! Exactly what I needed, thanks Hendri!


Hendri as your coach for optimal guidance:


  • Customized training schedules to achieve your goals.
  • 24/7 chat support for full support while working out: ask questions about training, nutrition and lifestyle related topics, for example.

  • With the app, you always have access to your program. In it, you will see how to do the exercise on video with text explanations, how many reps, how many sets and how much rest.
  • Video analysis of your training technique so you can get feedback on your form.