Online Calisthenics Coach

Are you ready to conquer calisthenics skills, build unimaginable strength and unleash your full potential?

You’re in the right place at the right time!


Are you kinda new to calisthenics? 

Have you been training through youtube or friends at the park but you feel like your progress is too slow?

You may have been training for weeks or months now but you still struggle with your form and building strength.

Instead of growing your muscle mass and decreasing your fat percentages to build the physique of your dreams, 

You’ve reached a plateau on both of them…

If you want to massively speed up your progress and build the physique of your dreams,

You need to:

  • Stop wasting so much time on working out without getting results
  • And stop watching youtube videos that are not designed for your current level and won’t help you.

You have to change your approach to calisthenics training.

I will help you fully optimise perfect workout programs for your current level, optimise your nutrition, sleep and every single variable that influences your calisthenics progress.

My name is Hendri and I’ll be your online personal calisthenics coach. 

I will help you achieve all your calisthenics goals through my proven training strategy.

The reason I want to help you is, because back in 2015 when I first started calisthenics I didn’t have the right guidance.

As a result I struggled with slow progress, plateauing on every skill that I trained and even got some injuries.

After months and years of trial and error I developed the knowledge and necessary experience that allowed me to create a strategy so powerful..

That I was able 5x my progress, achieve every skill that I ever wanted to achieve, build an insane physique and possess superhuman strength at the same time.

I was progressing so fast that I knew that I struck gold and because of my passion for calisthenics I decided to share this strategy with other athletes as well.

And it worked every single time!

I use this exact strategy to train the military and every single client of mine.

If you want to conquer calisthenics and be able to defy gravity,

Then you’re at the right place at the right time.

Calisthenics dips
What others have to say:

I have about 18 years of experience training in the gym and running. Before that I always did sports. The programs remain challenging because Hendri looks at what I can do and what he sees I lack. This keeps the programs motivating enough because calisthenics is a bit different than lifting dumbells. I notice that I use more concentration during the workouts and discipline to pay attention to all the small details that Hendri provides as tips. Because I send videos of my workouts, Hendri indicates where I need to work on by means of tips and corrections with drawn lines on the videos.


Frog stand

I was looking for a way to start with Calisthenics, but I got so much more! Hendri, can tell you a lot about posture and technique and motivate you! What I personally really like is that the app contains videos where Hendri explains the exercise. This reinforces the personal approach in online coaching. The exercises are structured that you work towards your goal(s) in small steps. In my case the handstand and human flag. I am very impressed about the content of the training/coaching. for those who read this…. success with your start, make it fly ;) now you know how.


front lever

Before I started Hendri’s program I had been doing calisthenics for a bit, but I found that I had reached a plateau that I didn’t know how to break through. Through Hendri’s coaching, I made quick and significant progress in both my handstand and muscle up. I am most impressed with the programs he completely customizes every six weeks based on my input and progress. As a result, I no longer have to think about it, it’s simply a matter of doing it! Exactly what I needed, thanks Hendri!


Hendri as your coach for optimal guidance:

  • Personalized video feedback on your form and execution

  • 24/7 support to answer any questions you may have

  • Full 24/7 access to your workout programs through my app

  • Video representation of exercises to help you understand the form and function of each exercise

  • And other aspects such as sleep optimization, caffeine routines, and healthy lifestyle habits